Restoring my big SIX 
By Marcus Lasance.

New: Latest Six Restoration project

Body work and Gearbox.  Note this car was Sold in Paris on the 5th of April by Marcel-Charles Domon.

Who owns this car now? I would really like to know!

When I moved over from The Netherlands to the United Kingdom I came with three Citroëns on the ferry. A black DS Pallas, an Onze Normale and an Onze LegŤre.

I soon found out, that most British Citroën enthusiasts, actually prefer the Spartan sobriety of the French models to the luxurious wood and leather trim of the Slough Built models. I also learned that Slough built Sixes are far and few between, certainly from 1948 vintage. Oonly 7 were built that year, out of a total production of Slough Sixes of 1671. (Source: The British CitroŽn, Malcom Bobitt). Arriving one day at my New: Latest Six Restoration projecterstwhile Brother in Law's famous boat race party in Fulham I immediately noticed the other 'D' in the driveway. We got chatting and placed the owner quite quickly in the 'Yuppie' category of people, driving the car more for it's snob appeal than anything else. When the guy told me he also had a slough Big Six, which he bought for next to nothing of an old lady, I definitely hated the guy!

One year later I get a call out of the blue from a Mr. White. Was i still interested in the car? He had fallen on hard times and needed to raise cash quickly. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! The car was stored in Hastings, a sea side resort on the south coast. I dreaded the corrosion of such a salty climate. Indeed the car looked a total wreck when I found it. On closer inspection however, the damage was all to the roof section, on which a garage roof had collapsed. Ensuing rain had thoroughly destroyed the leather interior. However the door bottoms and door sills were remarkably sound! In fact better than I had ever seen in a 'barn find'

All the bits and pieces belonging to the car were presents, some even double or triple. A nice set of spares to go with the car. The price ? let's suffice to say, that I did not have much change from my beautifully restored onze normale, to buy this wreck! My second traction had to go to pay for the cost of the body work. The D went to pay for new parts such as a set of brand new Michelins 185X400 on matching Pilote rims, shock absorbers wheel bearings and silentblocks. In short all rubber parts, the wiring loom and the entire interior had to be renewed. The good thing about buying a total wreck is, that you do not have to aganise long if such and such part is still acceptable. Everything goes. everything is rechromed and re-upholstered, so no individual bit, lets the rest of the car down.

Pictures say more than a thousand words, so click on the following links to view the image.

Uploaded 12th February 1999