Restoring my Roadster
By Marcus Lasance.

Body work, ID19 engine rebuild and 4 speed Gearbox conversion.


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Restoring a Traction Roadster is not a simple task. One has heard of the strengths of the Traction being in the 'mono coque' construction and hence the roof being an essential part of it. A bit like the strength off the Tyne bridge, which would collapse without it's arch.

Sidney harbour    +    Mono Coque =    # A roadster shell

So popular myth and logic tell you that a Roadster is inherently weaker than the saloon, because it misses the roof support and hence has to be strengthened in the bottom sills. Mick Peacock assures me that a well built roadster is just as strong and sturdy as a Traction saloon, but nevertheless when this Roadster was found it had rotten sills and the car apparently had collapsed into itself. 

Now the previous owner had made a botched up attempt to restore the car, repairing sills and floor pan. However he had not made a 'Jig' and so the doors did not fit properly. I think this is when he abandoned the project altogether and sold it to me. Mick Peacock uses such a jig. Unfortunately he is giving up building Roadsters. However he has agreed to make a number of panels, such as floor pan, Sills, Door skins and strengthening panels. The first thing that Lee Scott will do is build such a jig. as described in the Repair manual.

New Door Bottom Repair kits made by  Andy of Peacock Engineering

The state the car is now in is as follows. I have stripped all the old paint of with Nitromorse paint stripper. I removed all that could be stripped using screwdrivers and spanners. The car was cut in half. The front is sandblasted and repaired. The back is ready to be sandblasted.


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Uploaded 1st November 2002