My Roadster
By Marcus Lasance.

It is not every day that an unrestored Citroën Traction Avant Slough Built Roadster makes an appearance after decades being tucked away in somebody's shed. To call this a 'barn find' is not quite the correct terminology, because the father of the guy that owned it, bought it from a Mr. Batten in Great Waldringham, Suffolk and fully intended to restore it. However having started the job, he somehow lost interest and passed the car on to his son. The son was more into DS's and it so happened that one day he could buy a very nice specimen. A triangular deal was set up, which meant I paid for the DS but ended up with a couple of Tractions!

As the news of the 'new' Roadster disseminates through TOC land, I found out, that quite a few people were aware of the existence of the car and have tried to buy it in the past. I guess I was lucky, that my friend John Starke was offered first refusal some twelve years ago. The owner was a man of his word. John was not in a position to make an offer and passed the opportunity to his mate. The stuff Citroën friendships is made off!

Like with the Six, I intend to capture the 'rebirth' of the Roadster on camera and will share these images with you. So click on the following links to view the first pictures.
The car as I found it Picking up car Picking up Roadster Outside Tony's Back at my lock-up Full frontal shot Steering wheel
Mick Peackock In Peackocks Back yard(summer 2000) At Lee Scott At Lee Scott 2 At Lee Scott 3 At Lee Scott 4
Click here to see the restoration of the body in progress 

Click here to see the restoration of the engine in progress 

Click here to see the restoration of the gearbox in progress