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This page will allow you to download old magazine articles and technical resources mainly collected By Shane Leviston in Australia.

If you prefer to have the CD send a SAE envelope with £5.- to Traction Enthusiasts UK, 130 Hervey Street, Ipswich, IP42EU, United Kingdom.

Most of these files require Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it download it here.


Bytes                        Title

1,551,263 	53Big15.pdf
13,149,019 	AustClassicCarNov98.pdf
9,131,550 	AustralianClassicCarAug96.pdf
2,099,325 	Big15.pdf
11,283,689	classic&sportsAug83.pdf
9,146,134 	classic&sportscarMay99.pdf
1,911,650 	Convertible.pdf
3,165,682 	GodWhatABeautifulCar.pdf
8,948,787 	JowettJavelinVTatraplanVTractionAvant.pdf
2,388,702 	light15.pdf
2,228,940 	Maigret.pdf
16,736,973 	popularClassicJan94.pdf
17,599,479 	PracClassicsFeb97L15VPopularVRileyRME.pdf
6,626,756 	sports&classicCarAustraliaJune94.pdf
13,491,727 	tractionBuyersGuideClassic&SportsCarMay99.pdf
6,923,410 	wheels1971.pdf
14,453,763 	wheelsDec84.pdf
852,741 	WheelsNov1956DS19ChassisNo30.pdf


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