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When I moved from the Netherlands to England in 1984, I came over on the ferry, with a French LegŤre (CitroŽn 11BL) and a French Normale CitroŽn 11BN). Quite soon after my arrival I picked up the trail of a 1948 Slough built and therefore Right Hand Drive Six. This was a very rare car as only 7 were built that year, out of a total production of Slough Sixes of 1671. (Source: The British CitroŽn, Malcom Bobitt). About 6 years later 'L'histoire se repŤte!':  I come on the trail of an even rarer Slough Roadster. So the beautifully restored Six is put on eBay to pay for the new purchase. Four years later I bitterly regret the sale and would like to buy it back. In fact it comes up for auction in Paris and I am on the phone bidding for it. I get Cold feet at  Ä 24,000 and hang up the phone. Wracked by remorse I buy a 1949 French 15/CV Six from my Friend John Gillard of Classic Restorations in the vague hope I will meet the new owner either in Dunkerque (70 ans de traction Avant) or the 13th ICCCR in Interlaken. No such luck :-(  Come on someone must know where this car is now languishing and suerely the new French Owner would gladly part-exchange it for my beautiful new French Left Hand Drive 1945 15 CV/SIX?

Lot nį 41 :  Vendu 27 732 Ä (181 909 FF)

The New French 15 CV/SIX 1949


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  Instruction book in English also available in French 

    Period reviews P1 read what was written bout the Six when it first came out in Great Britain!

An article about the Six written In Automobilia in 1998

The latest restoration project

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 The new Six bought on Sept 1st 2002 for Chris Kimball 

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